Improvisational Theater
              created from your Real Life Stories

"It touched all of us deeply...everyone who attended remarked afterward what an amazing experience they had... both enlightening and entertaining"
"My face hurt from smiling.”
“Risk taking, energetic, whimsical.”
“What an extraordinary and entertaining evening.”
"The Bay Area Playback Theater was amazing. We laughed, we cried and we have your troupe to thank for such a heart felt performance.The last story will stay with me for a lifetime. What a difficult story, but you all tenderly acted it out with the passion it deserved."

Experience a unique form of improvisational theater, where stories or dreams are brought to life on the spot.
Members of the audience are invited to tell stories from their lives, then watch as we instantly enact them using movement, music and dramatic spoken word.  The  stories may be funny or sad, memories from long ago or yesterday. Audience and performers co-create a theater event whose subject is the life experiences of the people attending the show.

See why Playback Theater is performed in over 50 countries for people of all ages- for anyone with a story to tell.
Playback Theater builds connections between people by honoring the dignity, drama and universality of their stories. These audience interactive performances build trust, deepen understanding and create opportunities for personal and group enrichment.

Bay Area Playback Theatre is an ensemble of professional performers with varied and complementary backgrounds in theater, music, movement, therapy, psychodrama, education, magic, mime and clowning. 

       Member of the International Playback Theatre Network

Contact us to create a program especially
for your group.
Bay Area Playback Theatre is ideal for:
- Public Theaters
- Community Gatherings
- Conferences
- Social Service Programs and Groups
- Corporate Training & Staff Development
- Schools (Bullying)
- Colleges and Universities
- Special Events
- Birthday Parties & Family Reunion

You tell your story, We act it out.

To learn how Playback Theatre can contribute to the growth and development of your organization please contact
Bay Area Playback Theatre:

Call Laura Scott 415-888-8992


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